How Much Will I Save by Adding Attic Insulation

The home improvement project that has been trending for the last few years would be attic insulation. More people are realizing the benefits that come with attic insulation, from the increase in comfort, environmental-friendliness, and the significant savings from installing new attic insulation that come with such a project.

The energy bills

If you own a conventional home, then your attic is most likely vented to the outside so that cold air can go in during the winter and go out during the summer. By choosing to insulate your upper trusses, you provide a barrier that reduces the movement of air. Every layer of insulation that you add to your attic plays a critical role in stopping the flow of heat through your attic and other crevices that may exist on your ceiling.

If you want to insulate your attic, you will have to fork out between $1340-1800 to a qualified contractor for the entire job, which is not cheap. However, when winter comes by, you will have to spend about $590 for LPG or $1646 for oil to keep your home warm, which are still quite high.

By opting to insulate your attic, you will save between 25-30% off your heating costs. This means that your LPG will go down to $412 or $1152 if you use heating oil. The savings will be way more significant if you live in a climate whose temperatures are more on the extreme end.

The resale value

When considering how much you will save by insulating your attic, you can also consider how much more you could get from selling your home. A potential buyer would be thrilled to buy a home that is already well insulated, and will most likely buy it at a price that could return up to 107% on your investment.


Insulating your attic may seem expensive at first. Still, by selecting a qualified contractor and taking steps to ensure that your insulation is intact and undisturbed, you can make significant savings in your AC and energy bills. Moreover, your home will be greener and more comfortable.