How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in Attic

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in Attic

Mold removal in attics is an expensive business, but one that can assure you of complete mold removal. Some businesses charge as high as $15 to $30 per square foot. The price is very dependant on several factors including the total surface that needs to be removed and the severity of the mold case. Moisture, ventilation, and leakage are one of the main problems when it comes to mold in the attic. Moldy attics can also have an adverse effect on the well-being of all the occupants of the property. Choosing a quality company can be a daunting task that people need to spend time on. In the online world that we live in, reviews weigh in a lot on the decision-making process so choosing can be a few clicks away. At Attic Insulation Toronto, we kept our prices to a minimum while retaining the same quality of service that you would expect from other top-tier mold remedial services.

We at Attic Insulation Toronto charge $3-$5 per square foot. This puts us far below the other competition in the Greater Toronto Area. We understand that quality does not have to match the price but should be equal to the dedication and passion of the mold remediation specialists working at our company.

More than simply cleaning is involved in mold cleaning cases. Assessment of the issue, locating the mold, exterior and interior inspections, cleaning, remediation, and removal of the mold. In addition, mold removal can be a risky business. Professionals that are involved in the business, need to be always vigilant. They need to take safety precautions to ensure their well-being as well as the other ones in the entire building. Every case they work on is as unique as every other case all under different circumstances, attic builds, spread, and even different types of molds.

The mold remediation specialists will also make sure that homeowners are aware of the issues in the attic and will recommend further actions to take to prevent a reoccurrence.

The type of methods during the removal process and the containment process is also dependant on the very materials and techniques mold remediation specialists use.  Each of these stages contains different sub-stages as well where labor costs are calculated together with the cost per square foot treated.

Mold removal and containment can be a very labor-intensive process that puts a toll on the safety and well-being of the technicians. Attic Insulation Toronto is dedicated to offering high-quality mold remediation services at an affordable cost. For more information on our prices, contact our customer support team.