How Much to Clean Attic and Replace Insulation

If you have been thinking about cleaning your attic and replacing the existing insulation, then you should not have to cringe or keep postponing the job anymore. Many companies exist whose role is to make your attic spotless with reduced effort and replace your insulation so that it is good as new.

Why you should have your attic cleaned by a professional

It is about time you got your attic a thorough, professional cleaning job to eliminate the cobwebs, dust, and other allergens that have been building up slowly. Failure to remove these particulates will make them spread throughout your living space through the ventilation system. Again, rodents like rats, squirrels, and mice will find a perfect haven in your attic for breeding and nesting, which will mean more cleaning and possible structure and wood damage. Your current insulation may also need replacing, especially if it has been disturbed or is wet. Without these changes, your family and friends, plus your energy bills will begin to feel the heat.

Cost of removing junk from the attic

The first step in a thorough cleaning process is junk and clutter elimination. In case you have any junk lying around in your attic, you may want to bring a junk removal expert on board, which will cost you $170-$250, depending on the kind of clutter and junk they find. Junk removal experts are separate entities as attic cleaning companies typically do not handle junk removal. You can save money by removing the junk yourself and having a yard sale to sell the stuff that has been staying there.

Attic cleaning, decontamination, and animal removal costs

You will agree that cleaning an attic or any other crawl space is not as easy. The professional cleaning company will assess your home and insulation, then come up with a price depending on the condition of your place. The average cost of cleaning may range between $110 and $160, excluding decontamination in case they find rodent feces, mold, mildew, dust, grime. To have rodents and other animals removed from your attic will cost about $95-$235, and these services will help you eliminate mice, squirrels, birds, and other critters.

If your insulation is contaminated with rodent waste, is wet, or has any other contaminant, it will cost about $1.50 per square foot to have it removed. New insulation installation will cost you $1 per square foot. Having it removed by professionals is the best option as they will come equipped with biohazard suits that will protect them from harmful spores and other microorganisms that may be trapped in your insulation.


Having the job done by a professional is important as they have the equipment and expertise needed to clean out the attic and replace the worn contaminated insulation without strain. The investment will be worth it and soon, you will experience a drastic improvement in the air quality within your living space.