Attic Insulation Vapor Barrier or Not

When considering the health of your attic, the issue of moisture is exceedingly important. You want to keep your attic as dry as possible to protect the area from mold and mildew as well as rot. A damp attic can also be the cause of discomfort and lower air quality in the living space. Every construction material has an element of permeability to water, which is why you need to have a vapor barrier to damp-proof your home and attic. Call Attic Insulation Toronto for a free quote: 647-931-6385.

Reasons for attic insulation vapor barrier

Better control of living space temperature

If there is moisture in your attic and other crawl spaces, you will feel it in your living space, because of heat loss via convection. You will feel either too hot and stuffy or biting cold. Moisture absorbs heat and either traps it to your home or keeps it from leaving. With the right vapor barrier, these temperature extremes will no longer make your home uninhabitable.

Prevention of dampness

The lack of a vapor barrier will allow a lot of moisture to seep up the floor into your cardboard, ceiling, and walls, and make your home damp. This dampness will make your home uncomfortable for family and friends with respiratory problems, cause a foul smell, lower the living space temperature, and make the wooden pieces, art, and furniture rot. With an effective vapor barrier, moisture will not affect your house.

Protects your attic from mildew and mold

Such fungi thrive in damp places. By having a vapor barrier in your attic, you prevent the seepage of moisture, thus keeping all the surfaces that would remain covered by mold and mildew dry.

Saves energy costs

Vapor barriers reduce the movement of heat via convection, which is made possible by the presence of moisture in your attic. They also stop moisture from seeping into your living space and making the temperatures therein drop. This way, you can spend less on energy bills resulting from excessive air conditioning and other appliances overworking, such as refrigerators.