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Attic Mold Removal Toronto

To keep an attic maintained, people need to check for mold. Finding mold in attics is a very common issue that most people are unaware of. Mold often starts in the colder winter periods and is caused by several factors. Poor ventilation and moisture are the main catalysts in mold growth. The attic is supposed to be adequately ventilated through air vents. There are many types of air vents depending on the year of the build of your house. If hot outtake air is not properly released and meets the cool air on the roof, it can create a dew point that will lead to condensation. The dew point is essentially water storage that can seep through gaps and enter the attic space that will lead to mold growth which spread with mold spores. The attic is an ideal space for mold to grow. People often do not bother with the attic as much as they need to and that is what permits undisturbed mold growth. Our team at Attic Insulation Toronto has the knowledge and resources to deal with mold growth and can also assess the situation to recommend preventive measures so that the attic always performs at an optimal level. For more information on our services, call the team at Attic Insulation Toronto.

How Attic Mold is Caused

Simply put, the main cause of mold development in your attic is the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature creating condensation. Mold can thrive under these circumstances along with the fact that attics remain untouched. Roofing is also a cause that leads to mold development. Holes, gaps, or tears can arise through years of exposure to the elements. This can cause openings in the roof where water can pass through and eventually lead to mold growth on wood and on insulation.

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How Previous Homeownership Can Cause Mold

There is a big chance that your home has been owned by multiple homeowners over the past years that each had their own needs and specifications. As the house switches hands, multiple solutions have been used by several contractors to keep the house functioning. Unfortunately, this can have consequences for present homeowners. In many cases, the attic ventilation system is not as simple it is supposed to be. Several vents, pipes, and ventilation systems all in one place can block or hinder airflow effectively. The attic is often used for storage which can also prevent the hot air from escaping through vents installed in the attic. As this warmth accumulates, it creates a cushion of air that will naturally travel upwards and create a hot air mess which will lead to mold growth in the attic when it meets a cold front on the roof.

How to Tell you Have Mold

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Mold is an unpleasant thing to look at. It can negatively affect the house and can even lead to various health complications when mold spores are inhaled. Mold is an extremely dangerous fungus to people who already have a compromised respiratory system. An attic is a stuffy place where air get can trap in easily without proper ventilation which also encourages mold growth. One of the tell-tale signs of mold in your attic is seeing wet insulation. Wet insulation will without a doubt have the perfect environment to grow mold. If you have leaky roofs or water entering through the roof, this will also create the perfect environment to grow mold. Mold in large quantities can threaten the structural integrity of your wood as well as affect the quality of your insulation to the point that insulation needs to be re-installed. Re-installation can be a very costly process that could be all avoided by a proper assessment of your attic space as well as your roof.

Why choose professional mold remediation specialists?

Professional mold remediation specialists can assess a situation more thoroughly by looking at common problem areas as well as making sure that the ventilation functions properly. If moisture is indeed a problem, the professional mold remediation specialist will immediately convey this to the customer, so that the proper measures can be taken. Attic Insulation Toronto has been in countless attics around Toronto and beyond and is able to locate problem areas with relative ease through the years of experience we have with attic mold cases. Attic Insulation Toronto has been hiring professionals for years that have honed their skills for years.
Before moving on to fixing the ventilation by a third party, mold removal specialists need to carefully assess the situation before moving forward. Mold spores are highly toxic, and cleanup should never be attempted by anyone other than by experienced professionals who are aware of the dangers that mold spores can have. Breathing in mold spores can affect the respiratory system adversely. People who have medical issues like people who suffer from asthma can be hypersensitive to mold spores. Mold can affect everyone no matter how healthy they are in various ways. Our professionals wear protective gear that will allow them to work and breathe continuously without being exposed to the risks a DIYer would otherwise have. Even with all the Protective Personal Equipment, the mold remediation process still poses a safety risk.
With regards to privacy, we would like to let you know that we employ all our technicians in unmarked vehicles no matter where they go. We understand that discovering mold in the attic is not a pleasant thing to discover. Mold in attics can be a costly discovery where insulation is the most at risk. Re-installing a whole insulation system can take days and can be an expensive endeavor. Ensuring that you have proper circulation is critical to breaking the cycle of mold growth.
Safety is our number one priority. We will always work according to federal and provincial regulations to make sure that our customers, as well as our technicians, stay safe during the mold removal process. If you have any questions, contact the customer support team at Attic Insulation Toronto to find out more about the mold removal process.

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