How Many Rafter Vents Do I Need for My Attic

Rafter vents are crucial for the stability of your attic and roof, and for ensuring that your insulation provides maximum coverage and keeps the temperatures in your living space fairly constant. Moreover, they provide clear and efficient air circulation, which will keep your attic moisture and mildew-free. Call us today for a free inspection at Attic Insulation Toronto 647-931-6385.

How much vent space do you have?

The first step in determining how many rafter vents your home needs is to determine your home’s vent space in square feet. The general rule is that you must have one square foot of vent space for every 150 square feet of attic area. To determine the total vent area, measure the length and width of your attic in feet, then multiply the two measurements to get the attic area, then divide the number by 150 to get the vent space in square feet (length x width)/150.

After you obtain the vent space, you can easily determine the number of rafter vents you need by dividing the total vent space by two (vent space/2).

With this figure, you will be able to obtain the right number of rafter vents for your attic. Once you have them, you can readily install them by yourself.

Installing rafter vents

Grab a flashlight or attach a headlamp to your hard hat to free your hands, plus a staple gun, and boost yourself into your attic. Find your way to the ends of your roof rafters and pull away any insulation that may have pooled around your first soffit vent. Slide the fast rafter vent so that it extends from the wall plate to the roof with the vent behind it. Staple the rafter vent’s tabs to the rafter and wall plates and ensure that the staples are around four inches apart. Repeat the procedure for all the rafter vents and avoid stepping on the rafters.