How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic Insulation

The last thing you would want is to have mice running about in your attic and squeaking at night when you need a good night’s sleep. However, mice may find the soft insulation material in your attic as a perfect nesting place. Mice infestation can lead to structural damage when their urine interacts with the insulation and seeps into your floor. If they leave there, some of them could also die, leading to a foul smell, not to mention the inconvenience of having to clean up their waste products. Mice are also carriers of more than thirty other diseases that pose a health hazard to you and your pets. If you suspect that there are mice in your attic, you need to take steps to get them out and remove the contaminated insulation.

Examine the attic

Boost yourself into the attic or climb a ladder so you can access the exterior walls of the attic. Look especially at the holes through which cables and pipes enter your house, as these narrow spaces are all mice need to enter the attic. Use a powerful flashlight to inspect any place you believe may be an entry point. Also, check along the attic wall corners, vents, and where wood pieces make a joint. Any area you point your flashlight at and still looks dark is a hole through which a mouse can get in. You can also close the windows and turn off the light so that any area that still shows light is a hole. Once you have identified these holes, fill them out using some steel mesh or concrete. Avoid wood, plastics, vinyl, rubber, or anything else that the mice can chew. Also, climb the roof so you can check your chimneys and vent pipes to ensure that they are capped to prevent the entry of mice.

Remove the mice

Ensure you use a humane and environmentally-friendly method to get the mice out. Snap traps are a great option because they kill mice quickly, and so do battery-operated electrocution traps. Avoid glue traps as they cause slow, lingering deaths. Poisons are worse because a mouse could die inside the wall, causing a terrible smell. Follow the instructions on the trap you choose and set them in areas where you spot feces, dark corners, and near main points of entry.

Disinfect the attic

Open up the attic windows to allow some fresh air in, then put on protective gear, including a HEPA filter mask. Spray a mild solution of household bleach to the attic to weigh down any airborne contaminants. Ensure that you remove the blown-in insulation using a shovel or manually, then stuffing it into double-bagged trash bags. Lastly, wipe down the entire floor with a bleach solution to kill any bacteria and viruses, and leave the attic to dry. Before reinstalling any new insulation, ensure that the attic is completely dry.

Protective gear is incredibly important in this DIY job as mice carry deadly diseases. With the steps above, you will get back control of your attic for good.