Are Rafter Vents Necessary Inside an Attic?

It may seem contrary to what many people expect, but regardless of how well insulated your attic is, it still needs plenty of air circulation. Free air movement will allow fresh air from outside your home to enter the attic, circulate freely, and remove moisture and stale air. Rafter vents are also called baffles, insulation baffles, or wind baffles and are made of cardboard, rigid foam board, or polyvinyl chloride. What’s more, you do not need a contractor to install them for you. With a staple gun, flashlight, and protective gear, you can quickly install them or you can call us to inspect your attic and perform attic insulation services.

Air movement

While insulation of the attic stops the loss of heat from your living space into your attic in winter and penetration of heat in the summer, circulation of air prevents moisture buildup. In the summer, your roof’s soffit vents allow cooler air outside to replace the warm, stuffy air that accumulates in the attic. The escape of the moist air ensures that moisture does not collect on your rafters or roof sheathing. Failure to let this moisture out would cause damage to your structures in the form of wood rot and mildew and mold growth. The hot air inside the attic can also cause roof shingles to curve and get damaged if not let out. During winter, rafter vents allow the natural process of convection to occur, so that ice pools do not form on your roof.


If you live in windy areas, the wind may blow through the soffit vents and disrupt the arrangement of insulation material. If the insulation moves and creates gaps, it may not function effectively in stopping air from migrating out of your living space. A rafter vent acts as a screen that will stop the wind from interfering with your insulation.

Soffit vent protection

If you are planning to blow insulation into your attic, you will have to steer clear f the soffits to avoid blocking them. The space around the soffits will thus not get any layer of protection. If you install rafter vents, you will be able to install insulation on the entire floor space on your attic, thus getting higher performance from your attic insulation.