When to Replace Insulation in the Attic

When to Replace Insulation in the Attic

According to HVAC experts, insulation offers the best line of defence when it comes to keeping warm and cold air from getting in and out of your home. When you notice your rooms upstairs getting too cold over winter or too hot in the summer, and your energy costs start spiralling, it could mean that your attic insulation needs the inspection.

Doing a proper weather-stripping and insulation could reduce your monthly cooling and heating costs by 20%. It could also reduce your annual energy costs by 10 percent according to professional HVAC experts.

What are the signs that my insulation should be installed?

Changing indoor temperatures. When you notice your indoor temperatures are constantly changing, it’s a sure sign that the crawl space in your attic needs to be replaced. Most of the time, this is usually due to insulation that has shifted in the attic and is allowing heat or cold air to slip into the home. This will interfere with your cooling and heating system’s attempts at regulating your temperatures indoor. Resetting your insulation or adding additional batting to your attic will normally rectify this kind of problem. But in some rare cases, a full replacement might be required.

Surging energy bills. In case you notice your bills are plummeting, it could be a symptom of poor attic insulation. If you have inadequate insulation in your attic, it will cause outdoor weather to sip into your home. This will interfere with your HVAC system’s operation forcing it to work longer than usual to regulate the temperature in your home. This action will increase your energy consumption.

Rodent infestation. If rats, snakes, bats or squirrels have invaded your attic and made it their new home, its time you replaced your insulation. The worst thing you would expect to do is evict the rodents only to find that they have damaged your attic with droppings and other types of grime. In rare cases, rodents will leave their young ones hidden in your insulation. It is important to inspect your attic for these critters even if you haven’t spotted their signs yet.

Moist or wet insulation. In case your insulation becomes damp, moist, or sopping wet, you will not be able to save your insulation material. In such rare cases, it needs to be fully replaced. If you have a leaky roof, basement flood or blocked vents, it can cause your attic or crawl space to get soggy. Wet insulation is a breeding ground for mould that could is hazardous to human health.

Indoor drafts. There are instances when drafts will get into your attic due to a poor insulation job. In case there isn’t enough blockage between inside and the outside air, cold drafts could infiltrate your house. In case you notice cold drafts even when your doors and windows are locked, it’s a good time to have your attic insulation inspected.

It’s advisable that you get your attic insulation inspected by a professional insulation service. They will be in a better position to evaluate and recommend the next best step of action to take about your home’s insulation. Call us if you need an assistance with replacing your attic insulation:  647-931-6385