Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Adding New 

Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Adding New 

Having insulation in your home has a number of benefits that include saving energy, keeping you comfortable in your place and making your home more energy efficient. Many homeowners rarely check on their insulation, and especially in places such as the attic. When its times to adding new insulation, they are surprised an old insulation already exists.

This is a confusing situation, and you will probably question yourself if you need to remove the old insulation before you set in the new one. The answer is no. You will rarely have to remove your old insulation when setting up a new one. Insulation removal in Toronto can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is important that you fully understand when uninstalling might be required.

When do you require to remove your insulation?

There are a few instances when removing your old insulation before setting a new one would be preferable. These types of circumstances only occur when the original insulation in your home has fire, water, rodent, wildlife or mould damage.

In case your insulation has been exposed to high levels of moisture or is wet, it makes it vulnerable to mould and mildew attacks. However, if you do not wish to install the new insulation over the mould-exposed insulation to avoid mould spreading. Insulation removal will be necessary.

Furthermore, if rats or other rodents have infested the original insulation, it is likely to have droppings and urine. In case you notice these kinds of signs, then removal is necessary.  Insulation removal in Toronto will involve using a high-powered vacuum. This device will be used to suck out dirt, debris and insulation material from the desired areas without the insulation material getting into other living spaces. It is also possible to remove specific sections of the insulation that have been affected rather than getting rid of all the old insulation, however, it depends on the situation.

Adding new insulation over old insulation

In most cases, homeowners will add new insulation over old insulation. Batt, loose-fill or roll insulation can be installed on top of existing insulation. This is because there are no chemical interactions that are caused by mixing these kinds of insulation, meaning there are no health concerns to worry about.

Your insulation might be worn out and battered, and this might prompt you to think otherwise. However, it is rarely necessary to remove old insulated material unless you are sure it has been affected by water damage, fire, mould or rodents. What you might not know is, adding new insulation over old insulation might, in fact, add on to your insulation R-value saving you money in the end.

In case you are looking to install new installation in Toronto, and you are unsure of the condition of the old insulation, then it is important that you contact your local insulation company to inspect your home. After evaluation, they will be in a better position to advise you if you will need to remove the old insulation or retain it. Call us if you need to remove your damaged insulation: 647-931-6385