Why is Insulation Important for Houses?

Why is Insulation Important for Houses?

If you want to save energy most efficiently, you need to invest in insulation to keep your house cool in the summer and warm during winter periods. We are going to look at why it is important to insulate your home, and also look at the different options you can choose from to improve the insulation of your home, with the aim of making your house energy efficient. Please call Attic Insulation Toronto is you need insulation removal or installation: 647-931-6385

What is home insulation?

Insulation will allow you to keep your desired temperatures all year round so that you can protect your family from any excess heat and cold. You can also insulate your home to avoid noise pollution.

Insulating your home can be costly or less costly depending on the size of your house and the type of insulation you want to install. Additionally, you will also add or reduce the insulation measures depending on the state of your house. The best part about insulation is that you do not have to get permission to fit any insulation measure.

For modern houses, they are built with good standards of insulation, but for old houses, a lot of work needs to be done. For old houses, you can browse through various options for improving energy efficiency, because when it gets too cold, warm air can be lost in different ways.

You can decide to insulate your walls, floors, doors, windows and roof. But the most important part is the walls because a typical house will lose approximately 40% of its heat through the walls. The roof is the second most important part to insulate because 20% of the heat is lost through this area. Then the doors and windows come in at 20%, leaving the floor as the last area with very minimal heat loss.

What are insulators made of?

You will find different types of materials with different qualities. But on a general scale, a good insulator will have the structure similar to wool which traps air packets. Some of the great insulators are hemp and cotton; you can have curtains made of this material to help keep your home insulated. You can also have wood-based insulators like wooden doors and hardboard to keep the house warm.

You can go for spray foam that can be used to fill gaps and roof tiles. The foam can be used as adhesive strips around the doors and windows. Sealants are also alternatives that can seal gaps and cracks.

Types of insulation

Roof insulation

There is cold loft that insulates the ceiling of a house or the top of a storey, or the warm loft that insulates under the roof. Warm lofts are expensive than cold lofts.

Wall insulation

You can go for the following insulation depending on the wall you have:

Solid wall insulation (without cavity)

You can choose between external insulation that covers the whole property or the internal insulation which is applied to the inner rooms.

Cavity wall insulation (gaps present between the outer and inner leaf)

An insulator is placed in the wall of the house through drilling, where cement is added.

Door and window insulation

Ensure that your doors and windows are double glazed. In this case, you need to have at least two glass panels a few millimetres apart, instead of having a single glass. When you double glaze, you will protect your house from noise, and this will keep your house quiet and warm.

Floor insulation

It can be an expensive option. Ensure that if you want to install it, you seek the counsel of a specialist. In most modern houses, insulators are often placed under the concrete floor. For older houses, you will have to invest in placing this type of insulation.

Placing insulations in your home will prepare you for any weather condition. You will have an easy time installing and using green energy solutions because you will not waste energy. In the end, you will end up saving more money.