Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Tips to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Winter time means that your HVAC system has to work harder to keep the ambient temperature comfortable. The problem is two-fold; how to keep the house warm while at the same time keeping your energy bills manageable. The HVAC system takes up to 60% of your home’s energy requirements and more so during winter.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can employ most of which don’t cost much money and will keep your indoor temperatures comfortable during the cold winter and keep your electricity bill in check.

Upgrade Attic Insulation

This tip is arguably the single most effective to keep your house warm during winter. Warm air rises and if your attic is not properly insulated and sealed, the warm air is going to escape through the roof via the attic. This makes it harder for your heating system to maintain ambient temperatures and wreaks havoc on your overall energy efficiency.

Upgrading existing insulation or installing new insulation with at least R-50 insulation significantly improves energy efficiency (by up to 50% in older homes) and keeps the house warm. First, make sure that all the air holes where warm air can escape are sufficiently sealed before installing the insulation.

Attic Insulation Toronto does a thorough inspection of the attic to make sure that all the air gaps are sealed and the insulation installed properly for maximum efficiency.

Fix Your Ventilation

Vents are notorious for letting cold air into the house especially during winter. Cover all your bathroom vents or fans with baffles to keep the cold air out. You can also install draft blockers designed specifically for this purpose.

Keep all furniture and fixtures clear of your forced air vents and ensure that the vents are open when in use. Keep the chimney flue and draft closed when not in use. Leaving chimney flues and drafts open when not in use is much the same as leaving an exterior door or window open.

Mind the Stack Effect

The stack effect is related to the movement of air inside the building. Warm air rises and as it does, it creates negative pressure in the space it occupied at the bottom essentially creating suction. This empty space is filled with cool air sucked in through any gaps in the home especially around doors and windows. This also happens when using your fireplace so install a glass furnace door to keep some of the heat in the house.

Seal All Air Leaks

Inspect the house thoroughly for air leaks and seal with caulking. Common areas to inspect for air leaks include around recessed light, attic hatch, plumbing vents, wiring holes, basement rim joists, and open soffit among others. A good tip to find air leaks is to hold a lighted candle over these areas. If the flame flickers then there is an air leak.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you more control over your indoor temperatures especially when the house is empty during the day or while on vacation. You can set a reasonable temperature for when the house is unoccupied and increase automatically when you are close to coming home so you find the indoor temperature comfortable.

Hire Attic Insulation Toronto to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

A thorough inspection by qualified personnel is the best way to find the right combination of methods to keep your house warm this winter. Attic insulation alone, especially if not properly installed, may not be enough to get the ambient temperature and energy efficiency you are looking for. Attic Insulation Toronto performs a thorough assessment of the home and recommends the best and most efficient ways to keep the house comfortable. The savings in energy efficiency alone more than paying for any upgrades or repairs you might have to do.