How Important is Insulation in the Attic?

How Important is Insulation in the Attic?

Most people don’t think twice when it comes to insulating and cleaning their attics. At least, not until they notice rodents and strange smells or other annoying problems that force them to climb up their attics for a peek. With basic attic cleaning, repairs, and inspection, families in Ontario, Canada can kiss goodbye the side effects of having a poorly insulated attic and can enjoy the benefits instead.

Attic insulation is an effective way in which families can lower their energy bills and make their homes eco-friendly. Your attic is perhaps the easiest of places that you can add insulation in your home, especially when it comes to weatherizing preparations for any particular season. One of the top reasons you can insulate your home is to prevent air inside the house from escaping or sipping in.

Why would I insulate my attic?

What most homeowners might not know is that cooling and heating costs account for more than 50% of the energy that is used in an average household. Meaning, losing your home’s cold or hot air is a huge energy waste. Therefore, taking steps to prevent this from happening is very important when you are looking to make your home greener. Any specific location in your home where you can prevent energy waste is always an important area to focus on.

  • Reduce energy costs. You might be wondering how insulation helps reduce your energy costs. Well, insulation works by lowering the amount of energy that you need to keep your household comfortable. This is because any energy change in your home will trigger your cooling and heating units to work against the effect. Leaving spaces where drastic changes can occur which makes your house vulnerable to more energy usage and therefore, more costs.
  • Rodent infestation. Following the cold winter months, you might soon discover the presence or even the remains of a colony of rats or mice that had made a comfortable home in your attic. Since most people use their attic for storage, and it’soften dark and lonely, it’s makeup for a perfect rodent nesting location. Attic cleaning and insulation serve to remove any junk, droppings, dead rodents and urine traces from your attic to protect your family and home from contracting infectious diseases.
  • Mould. Water and moisture in your home can be deadly; it’s a recipe for mould and wood rot. Mould and wood rot will not only affect the structural integrity of your home, but they also pose a health risk when they release harmful spores that create unpleasant odours that could easily circulate into living spaces. Insulation will help protect your attic and family’s health before too much damage is done.

There are tremendous benefits homeowners can enjoy by having their homes thoroughly insulated and cleaned out. You can insulate your home by yourself, however, to ensure that you are thorough, and to rip 100% benefits, it is advisable to get a professional insulation company to help you insulate and clean out your attic. A professional attic insulation company can effectively inspect your home without leaving any loops or gaps in the process. Remember, a properly insulated home will help you save up a lot of lost energy, lowering your household costs in the long run.