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Attic Insulation Rebate Ontario

Attic insulation rebate Ontario 2020

If your home is in Ontario, you are in luck as there are plenty of energy rebates that you can apply for as a homeowner. These Ontario rebates make it possible for you to undertake crucial home improvement projects such as attic insulation by making it more affordable. With these rebates, you can take certain steps to reduce the energy spent at home.

The most reputed rebate program in the province would be the Home Efficiency Rebate program that offers you up to $5,000 worth in home renovation rebates. The rebates provided by GreenON (Green Ontario Fund) are worth up to $7200, which can go a long way in motivating you to make the home improvements.

This kind of program would include a cash incentive for improving your home’s energy-friendliness and comfort by having insulation installed in your attic, improving your home’s air-tightness, spray foam insulation, and any other such project. The main aim of the project is to help you save more in home renovation projects that improve your energy efficiency. This means that the more upgrades you make, the more significant your savings will be, especially on your utility bills. Moreover, with such a rebate, the initial costs will not have a devastating effect on your bank account.

How to know if you are eligible for a GreenON Insulation Rebate:

The first thing you would need is a home in Ontario to qualify. You can perform upgrades to detached, semi-detached, or row-townhomes. You also have to sign a work agreement with a licensed, participating contractor for work that will be completed by a specific date, depending on when you would like to receive the rebate.

The application process for a GreenON Insulation Rebate

The participating contractor will submit your application before the closing date on your behalf and take care of all the guidelines and requisites. Upon sending the application, you will receive an email from GreenON so you can review and send the final application. Once your application is approved, the rebate check will be processed and forwarded in 8-12 weeks. To increase your chances of getting the rebate, make sure you work with a licensed and capable contractor with plenty of experience and excellent reviews and portfolios.

In today’s world, being energy efficient is futuristic. That is why many homeowners want to save energy and are concerned about climate change and what they can do to reduce it. Canada is a world leader when it comes to the fight against climate change, and that is why the province of Ontario is offering thousands of dollars in rebates for homeowners who are opting for energy efficient renovations that include windows and insulation.

Canadian winters are some of the longest and coldest anywhere in the world. And while Canada is a pretty hardy country, we still, need, deserve and want a cozy warm place to come home to every day. While size, décor, additions such as smart technology do not matter, heat does!

GreenON Rebate Program – Program Closed

The $377 million GreenON rebate fund was introduced by the Liberal government in 2017 to act as a climate change initiative encouraging environmental building upgrades like windows, heat pumps, thermostats, and insulation. It was earlier in the year cancelled as part of the elimination of the cap-and-trade policy that was responsible for the financing of the program.

The GreenON rebate program was meant to make it easy and more affordable for homeowners in Ontario to make friendly choices when it comes to their home improvements. The GreenON rebates cover up to $7200 off the purchase of insulation for your attic, exterior walls, and basement. It’s broken down into $1500 for attic insulation, $3800 for exterior and $1900 for basement insulation. The window insulation rebate covers $500 per window for up to 10 windows in a single home. This particular rebate applies for each rough opening, meaning that the window frames, as well as the glass, will need to be replaced.

Home Energy Conservation Program HEC – Program Closed on November 1, 2018

This rebate program helps homeowners in Ontario improve the energy efficiency in their homes. The program offers $1600 worth of incentives. The HEC program is run by Enbridge and include home energy updates for insulation and HVAC. Therefore, if you are thinking of improving the energy efficiency in your home, the HEC program can help offset some of the costs.

Enbridge Home Conservation Program

This program is also offered and administered by Enbridge. It is designed to help you conserve energy in your home to save you money. Just like the Save on Energy Whole Home program which was also cancelled, you will require a home assessment to reap the benefits of all the rebates and upgrades in the program. If you are looking to get an insulation upgrade, you could get anything from $250 to $1750 depending on your location and type of insulation you are looking to install.

Green Investment Fund Ontario

Ontario has committed about $325 million in their Green Investment Fund to finance projects in Ontario that will help fight climate change, create jobs and grow the economy. All these plans are to help secure a clean, prosperous and healthy low-carbon future. This project will:

  • Homeowners use less energy
  • Retrofit social developments
  • Support electric vehicle charging stations across Ontario

This project will help about 37,000 homeowners in Ontario conduct audits to identify energy saving opportunities to complete retrofits such as replacing water heaters and furnaces and upgrading their attic insulation. This energy saving retrofits will help consumers save money on their energy bills. Ontario homeowners can apply for these rebate program to help cut costs when upgrading their home insulation.

Union Gas Heating System Rebate- Additional Rebate

The Union Gas Heating Rebate program helps homeowners save $1000 through rebates when they buy an upgraded furnace or boiler. Provided you buy a qualifying model, this program will get you a rebate of $1,000. After you have done your home assessment and also made an energy-saving upgrade (furnace or boiler), you are eligible for more upgrades on the same program.

Homeowners can get an insulation rebate after participating in the Union Gas Heat System Rebate program. The money you will get on this largely depends on the resulting R-value and where you choose to install your insulation. This program offers $250 to $1750 in insulation rebates, but only after you have qualified for heating system upgrade from Union Gas.

There are several other rebate programs offered to Ontario residents for heating equipment, first-time owners, elderly and disabled, old homes, low-income earners and many more that could help you get money-back value for your attic insulation project. Consult a contractor who has experience with government rebates to help you get the best value out of these rebate programs.


Article Updated:  February 17, 2020